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   And little more about Atari ST forums, unfairness, posts caused by not reading instructions, advices supplied with game adaptations, SW
So, I spotted this old thread: AF example (2010). Thread starts with some questions about my hard disk adapts, problems with them under Hatari .  As in many cases, all it was just sign of not reading instructions about usage, what are conditions that it work, etc. And first reply is by AF man, marcer . He wrote that my Atari files "
I have goosed up one of my pc hdds thanks to one of his fixes.. during testing them for my gamedvd." . That says a lot about his intelligence, knowledge about computers. So, how can some Atari SW, what can run only under some emulator on PC to damage files on PC hard disks ? If some damage happens, it can be only because emulator errors (and that's very unlikely that some serious data loss can happen because that on whole drive, partition). Not good settings of emulator can cause some smaller damages too. Like setting root of some partition for GEMDOS drive (very stupid and inefficient - should just create new subDIR and keep only there Atari related files). Elementary. But marcer shown many times his poor knowledge. Does it matter at AF ? No, he is part of it's team, so he is in right always.  And moron calls hard disk adapts 'cracks' - just another sign of not careing about details, to be fair. He took my files without any asking about it - including permission, advices - no, all it must work in same way as floppy cracks !  That's just huge stupidity. Hard disk adapts are not cracks, you moron ! Were not it 30 years ago too. Much more work is needed to solve all related with disk access than about copy protection(s).
And of course, D-Buggers found that will be good to say something there.  Well, what is really sad is that it is nothing better 12 years later with Atari ST forums. Morons just seek every accasion to write something bad about me. And do not care about facts, logic, or even being polite. Thanx to moron admins. Btw. D-Bug (all them) was banned from AF around 2012-15. They are back now, thanx to moron Dal, who thinks that my enemies must be very good people :-)   And here we are about instults. How it is easy to get insulted - just look last post in that AF thread linked above. Yeah, it's easier to get insulted than reading instructions - on what was pointed only in that thread couple times. And thinking must be something unhealthy for some people. Why else they avoid it ?
Some just think that all it must work in same way. And forget saying:  looking toots of gifted horse is not nice behaviour.  I listened to some demands, ideas - when found them as useful. There was much more reckless ideas, sadly. Or even ideas which should never came up - but hey, who am I, to ask people to read instructions, to think ?  

  The 'forum' where writing truth is a crime, and writing bullshit is normal
Yep, Atari ST people has such one.  So, there is some member which vanity was hurt by some my notice (called him shallow). And what the hell - with every new post, he just confirms that. He wrote: " he jumped on a guy who was working to make ROM's easier to burn for Mac users (if I read it right) and he jumps on this guy for posting about "Mac problems on an Atari ST Forum" - except that the subject was actually burning TOS roms and the tools to do it." . I did not jump on anyone. Post starts: "Bumping necro thread for those who are doing this on the a Apple Mac " - that self says it well, but not for moron (yes, I called him moron).  My reply started with: "I really don't see why problems with some MAC SW should be in Atari ST forum. " . Incredibly rude ! And yes, problem is with Minipro GUI (for OS X). And newer one post, where he talks about that I'm banned from all Atari ST forums. Listed 4 of them - which are active now. Well, I'm not banned from German Atari forum, I just don't post there since couple years. Yesterday I logged in there - and worked. Will put there soon message about revitalized 8bitchip Atari forum - wait ... maybe then will be banned really :-)   Exxos forum:  in fact I wrote to admin there that I will not continue there under those conditions what Exxos made after some different opinions about what should write in that forum (I wrote that I'm not there to entertain) . I posted 'goodbye' thread where just said that will not continue there because unfairness.  Of course, it was deleted, and I was banned :-)  Just to add more to unfairness. Another abuse of position.
So, in 2 cases it was not ban actually.  And I would add here that this recent with AA was not some regular ban, as it usually goes. Despite what admin writes there, it was impulsive and even blocking access to forum as reader. What was done poorly. Yeah, they turned my game adaptation thread in some kind of 'let's hate him' thread. And that's good for admin. Yeah, unfairness, hurt vanity case, by all signs.
As wrote in previous blog sections - what matters are personal relationships and likehood. Not what is written, correctness of posts.
But it is what happens in whole humankind latest years. And that's why we have this crysis . And of course, there is always some person, nation to blame for it. Never the real cause. And that would be egoism, selfishness, vanity, shallowness, wanting power, control over people, taking care only about more and more money, and like ...
The biggest power is goodness (hmm ... was it what irritated AA admin (I changed my signature couple days before ban to shorter text containing it) ?) .
For instance Exxos forum is place where people is asked to develop some adapters - which will be then used by boss for his sales ... Interesting, isn't ?
OK, back to alleged bans:  ban at AF was formally OK - I got some PM about it - after couple PMs about some things. Well, my arguments were taken with comment: "I don't have time for this, I need to care about my doughter ..." .  Sure, then let someone other to do talk with members. It is just again case of who is more important. Not what is written, but who is who .
Usual argument of those not liking my straight style and comments like "that's wrong ,.. XY don't know it .. " , so thay write like 'just because PP has done some (useful) SW, things for Atari users it does not give him right to 'attack' people, to think that he is always right ..." - just rough example. Interesting, because those 2 things: doing SW, HW designs and knowledge go together. In other words: if you are able to make some SW, HW design for some computer, it is possible only because you have pretty good knowledge about it - about computer HW, OS (TOS in case of Atari ST family), CPU programming, etc . So, yes, I know that I know it pretty well, and I proved it. But logic, being reasonable is not characteristic of shallow and vane people. Instead learning they just force some rights. Well, I saw enough stupidity on diverse forums. And wrote about it earlier. Can read some at 8bitchip forum.

  I'm boss here, I can do whatever I want !
  And again, same behavior at Atari ST forums and in today society generally. Old saying/rule 'customer is always right' matters not anymore. And it is not to take it literally. For those not being familiar, it would mean something like: even it customer is wrong, do not discuss with him about. What matters is that he feels good, and will come back here again and again ...  Now, lot of them work like they don't want money - being arrogant, not really helpful (even when start with 'how can I help you' ) . I could write here really extreme examples, but that would be too long. And I'm sure that most of people experienced lot of it in last years, and especially in this one.
   Atari ST forums:  there is 2 of them active currently. And they have admins. In my previous blog section here (below this) I wrote about his majesty Mug UK. Other forum is pretty poor in last year-two. Considering quality of posts, count of them - at weekends it is pretty dead. Funny thing happened in last week - some really not Atari ST family related post, about some 18 year old girl and her retro computer stuff collecting - heavily exposed on soc. medias ...  And it was admin who posted lot of shots from her in that thread. In few days tons of comments, even some fight.  Whole thing was not topic for that forum. Should go in general retro computing forum.  It was really not motivating that I continue visiting and write there. And funny thing - I was banned there :-)  Without any explanation. Well done admin ! I can only guess about reason, and that's most likely my post about some errors in some known emulator. Although I asked there about experiences with Linux v. of same. Was no reply. So, where is freedom of speech ? Can I write in some public forum about problems I experienced with some emulator ? As people wrote in same forum their bad experiences with some my game adaptations, and even with my SW for Win (retro computing related). To add, some were complete bullshit, even absurd claims. Nobody reacted on obvious lies.
Yes, totally unfair. What matters are personal relations. Friends of admins, moderators have special status, threatment. Like in some restaurants here - some getting better food, or even food not shown on menu, than ordinary customers. When I mentioned it, reaction was of course: you always complain, making noise etc.  Not always, just when I see unfair or even illegal things.
Well, I don't care for that crap forum. It was really not useful for me in last couple years.  There are always other ways of communication, and I will revitalize forum on this WEBsite soon.
Bosses can be happy with those brainless who still visit their forums, shops, restaurants, bars ... Or close them - some did it already, after first writing on windows text like: 'closed because technical problems' - when I see it, I know that there is 80-90% chance that next text will be 'this place is available for renting'. Or 'for sale' .  Surely not because they were not able to keep it well functioning ;-)

 Shallowness ahead everything
 Will start with some 'Atari ST scene' people behavior - those who think that know things well, that they have right to judge about other people, even to dictate them what to write on forums, how to behave ... Later we will see that such people is now everywhere, so in politics too .
So, there is a man with nick Mug UK at atari-forum (UK based) who is now admin there, and is one of founders of it. He wrote some kind of guide for partitioning hard disks or Flash card, with some example SW . And he made test by writing/copying some SW on them.  Worked fine, so it is certainly good guide.  Yes, when you are shallow. The problem was that partitions were not BigGEM compatible (TOS compat. partitions over 32 MB).  So, when such partition is filled up to end of 32 MB space, new data will actually go to start of partition again - overwriting data there. And it may happen that user even will not notice it right then - will see only when try to run that SW, or read data from those damaged files.  Really very-very bad thing. But that thread and guide stayed there further, despite warnings. Not only shallow, but arrogant, egoistic, and making harm to people.  Yes, hard words, but this is how it goes in 21-st Century. Those complaining will be simply banned from forum. That's what they do instead self critic, thinking better about subject.
Or case when guy who does some Atari HW repairs claimed that Satandisk is where filesystem is handled. When I said that it is done in TOS he just said that he is right, even after I said him that I work on hard disk driver SW, even on TOS modifying (what would mean knowing something about it) just stayed at his (btw. really ridiculous) claim.
Not to mention those WEB sites, pages which contain outdated, wrong claims - like about max size of first partition on hard disks - 32 or even only 16 MB - saying that it is TOS limitation. It is known that it is actually limit of some old hard disk driver SW. But they will not correct it. Why should ...
Shallow people think that admitting own error is weakness, and posing as some all knowing, never being wrong is best attitude. I must admit that it works - by shallow audience :-)  Yes, this is why it is so spread, and stays on.
Just spotted comment at atarimania:  - that's good example of someone dealing with games over min. 15 years, and not knowing some basic things.

On larger scale: today's 'Western Democracy' talking about progress, better life, but reality is opposite. What happening is regress - morally and materially too. They threat people like idiots, who will swallow every claim which does not sound total bad.  Good method is to create crysis (remember movie Wag the Dog) , declare something, someone as culprit for all problems (what would be now Covid19 and Russia) - attack is best defense type tactics.  
And corruption is really in everything.  Staying at movie examples:  James Bond movies were wrong - planetary scale villain does not need some advanced weapons to achieve Worldwide rule. Now it is done mostly via lot of money. Remember (well, at least those little older) how sport was different some 40 years ago ? Now it is in big part about money, no wonder that for instance football is strongest in reacher Western countries, while it was strong in Eastern ones in era of not so 'professional' (so, money oriented) sports.
Inflation in economically good countries is bigger than ever in last 70 years - food prices go up like crazy. Some things cost 80%  more than 8-10 months ago. And of course, there is explanation for all it - energy prices, climatic changes, etc .  Nothing new.  Reality is different. And even energy prices go up because same reason. Will not write it here. Just point that similar crysis happened around 100 years ago. Now it is more dangerous, thanx to using new technology in benefit of narrow circle(s) .
And they want to do some 'right', 'nice' things - like introducing LGBT propaganda right from kindergartens. What was normal over thousands of years is suddenly not normal, just because some full with money and self want to do something 'good' for community.  I have advice to them:  go between ordinary people, see how they live, see real life problems. Learn from past - because there is nothing really new in human behavior. New technology can help, doing good things, as can be used for bad things. As it is with all tools.
Finally:  there is saying:  Smart man learns from other's mistakes, while dumb one learns from own mistakes.  And how to call those not learning even from own mistake ?  Sadly that would be humankind - now it looks that learned almost nothing from past. Same selfish, greedy behavior, not thinking about future, just more and more as fast as possible  :-(  

  Human civilization evolution ?
 I'm sure that currently most of people with brain don't see any evolution of civilization, society.  Or in other words, we going backwards. I talked already in first years of this Century that we go rather back than forward. Then, 2008 crysis happened. It was not some big one, indeed. All about it, facts that actually practically no one was sentenced for causing it made me pessimist. I talked already in 2010 that there will be soon another one, much worse. I hate that I'm always in right ! (common phrase) - yes, we are right now in it. And I'm afraid that worst is just to come ...

Little overview about so called civilization period of humankind. First there were tribes. Then there were nations, countries. Tribes existed still, of course. And slavery was normal. Invading, taking over some tribe, country was usual, and it served in aquiring new slaves too. Indeed ancient Rome was most successful in it, and they ruled big part of Europe, North Africa, Middle East ... However, it did not last very long, something inside was not right. I will not go here in it. Let's just say that it failed. And we could learn from it, and of course some were. Some not. Some saw only power, expansion, big buildings in Capital ...  Next step, at least in Europe was Christianism. But it did not forbid slavery. It was less present, there were another ways for cheap labor force.
Just to make clear my point here: those on power always need money, to posess lands, big buildings and like. And that needs workers. In medieval most of work was in agriculture, animal housing - food production. So, those on power shared land to poor ones, and in exchange they took part of produced, usually yearly. For those in cities there were diverse taxes. All it was not because some greed (oh how someone can even think something like it !), it all served good of country, ordinary people . Just as it is right now :-)  .  Well, things were so nice in medieval, that tens of millions gone in America (mostly from Europe) - in beginning mostly in wilderness. They wanted just that what they produce will be for them, their family.
Next form of civilization would be capitalism. Or maybe better: industrial capitalism - because that came with industry actually. Instead kings and cars (tzars) parlaments, ministers, prime ministers, presidents started to rule countries, states.  And oh yes, they called it democracy. Indeed, there was something from it in reality too. In come lands more, in some less. Age of revolutions started too. Did they bring something really good ? Very doubtful. In lot of cases only those on power changed, people not. Of course, people does not change in shorter time period. Actually, how much different we are now from Ancient Rome people ? Not really much. We have now cheap technology, can communicate instantly over whole Planet ... But is it better with life essentials ? I would say it is worse. Food getting more and more manipulated, and this year more and more expensive (like 30% in 2021) - more money for less healthy food. Air ? Still most of cars is poison emitting. By some studies about 7 million people dies yearly because of air contamination. In some countries it is really bad bad . Yeah, comfort, lazyness, and especially greed for money, power costs us a lot. If someone would say to me in 1969 that in 2021 we will still have most of vehicles on streets powered with oil - I would say something like 'stupid' . They were smarter than me - pessimists in some way. But word 'stupid' stays for this situation wery well. This is stoopid.  Example: this year (2021) in June was plenty of talk in medias about new measures to reduce use of so called 'once usable tiny plastic bags' - because huge environment pollution their mass usage causes. The result:  big ZERO . I don't see that anything changed in shops, markets. Lot of talk about electric cars. And yes, I see them around in latest 2 years - like 1 from 500. What cars ? Mostly very expensive ones. And they can fill batteries for free. Yes, that will make ordinary working people to buy them ! Or, maybe the money is what they need to buy electric powered car ? But they don't have it.  Just another example about who is really getting help from seemingly environment protecting measures. Even worse is electric energy production. Lot of money to help environment friendly electric power production. It became special business. The result - prices go up as crazy.
Yeah, best business is such, what is for good of people, not for profit ... Well, in it's presentation. What is it really, in not so visible areas ... And we are now at healthcare business, medicament manufacturing and selling. Will not continue. I recommend to read book from around 1985 - Strong Medicine, from Arthur Hailey .  

If you allow thief to continue his illegal activity further, what will happen ? Simply - thief will steal more and more. So simple. And we are in middle of it right now. Only that it is now much worse than ever - globalization, corrupt politicians, media ...

  Food for Future
Darnit, again all start fith letter F. Well, this is what I saw in local supermarket, few days ago. Can see here details: fff    I don't see English version.
What I looked better was something Veg, in shape and look like fish fingers. But instead fish meal it contains mostly wheat. And that is so good, nice, environment friendly ... That thay dare to ask for it approx. same price as for real fish fingers. There are other ones, so, for everyones taste - here I don't mean in-mouth taste, but rather how it will be liked by peoples experiences with food prices, content (ingradients) of it, and similar.
I looked little later for real fish fingers, and yes, prices are similar. And bought even for less money than what 200 gramms of FFF cost - whole 500 gramms of fish fingers. OK, it was with 50% discount, so I was worried that will be not good, with low fish %-age. Was not. And even full price per kilo was lower than price of FFF . Now I understand why some would like that this will be food in future - yes, you guessed - will make nice big profit with ...
And this is not just this case, I see it over years, decades. Thing gone very bad this year. Food prices go up a lot, some things for 30-50% only this year. Quality often goes down.
And this was trigger to watch again movie   Soylent Green , almost 50 years after I watched it for first time.  Was released in 1973, main role in hands of Charlton Heston. And it happens in 2022 ! Well, not real Sci-Fi - for instance everything is in fashion of early 70-es in USA - cars, TVs, apartments ... In start was some presentation about how bad is it with overpopulation, food production and sources. I'm sore that most of people in countries with TV, Internet know how it ends, even if did not watch it. Movie is not great, it is old fashioned, even for me. But worth to watch - there are some (sad) similarities with today Western (and not only it) World.
And I asking myself something in this Omicron times: how many people died, or dies yearly because of crap food sold everywere . Surely most of dies because long term consumption. How many people's health is seriously damaged by it ? Maybe should talk more about it than this .... you know what I mean, and what seems that will be lasting longer than any real deadly decease in human history - because it is good for some .

  Forgotten future
 This phrase came to me yesterday, while I dealt with making order in my 1K3 compilation. So, how can forget what did not happen yet ? Simple - we forgot not actual events which may happen in future, we forgot about future generally - to make/keep this planet, our society as decent place, with good conditions for life, for all  humans (our offsprings) and other life forms.
And this is not new thing. I think that we can say that started about 150-170 years ago, with mass usage of engines using coal, fossil oil ...
Before it, basically so called renewable energy forms were used - wind, stream ... Or  just horses, elephants ...  Something like ruining this planet was not in minds - was no "power" for it.
Well, as we know it is not only about energy - there is lot of trash, poison produced in industry, traffic. Lot of books, movies dealt with this problems, I guess somewhere at 1950-60 (example: Soylent Green - and it happens in 2022 ! You have been warned !) .
What is the real problem, cause of this 'cutting of branch ..' ?  I think that finding answer is not hard . Same what caused this current Worldwide crisis, what caused crisis about 100 years ago, wars, misery of millions, segregation, etc. Human selfishness,  greed, egoism, short sighted, narrow minded way of thinking, living.
And it goes more and more complicated - now we have serious falsehood, hipocracy practically everywhere - especially in politics, medicament and chemical industry, food industry ...   Then, enormous amount of money goes to supposedly environment saving firms, government programs and like. While truth is that nobody really knows accurate benefit of some 'in' technology, and of course, all it is very hard to follow, control ...
At this moment it just goes worse, politicians talk about this decade will be decade of pandemies - excuse me, what, how, why ? Some gipsy women told you that ? Having time machine ? Wasn't said that vaccine will finish this covid epidemy ?  Obviously this is good for some, if not generated by some .
Yeah, it is so dark. depressing, pessimistic now. No wonder that ordinary people avoid thinking about future.
We need changes. This so called democracy, free market capitalism failed. Ah, now some will call me 'communist'. Well, that failed too, even if actually never existed (only party on power was called so) . There is more than left and right wing. Than conservative and liberal.  We need new way, otherwise it will be very very bad. We need to stop this going downward. Will be not easy, will take time and sacrifices. Those who took huge benefits, power, money from Earth, from other people will not give it back. No, they will rather destroy whole Planet, just to not do the right thing. That's the sad fact. Because it is exactly what doing in this very moment too.

2021. 06.11
 Bad things drag over decade
 Will start with recent thread at atariage forum . Titled  'making .st files ?' - as usual, bad formulation - OP meant reading content of floppy disk into .ST format floppy image file - what SW is good for that ? Was not even said on what computer he plans to do that 'imaging' .
And there came quick reply from fanboy, recommending fresh SW for Atari ST, by crew which all creations are 'best', 'fastest' ...   I actually made quick check of that SW speed couple weeks earlier, and saw that is slower than my 30 years old PRG .  But did not wrote about it anywhere, until that fanboy post.
And it reminded me about something really lowest what can read on any of Atari ST related WEB sites.
So, on site, which link I will not give here (who wants to check let use google) stays this:  
"Note: There is a program called FloImg that claims to be working perfectly and can read/write disks on the PC.
D-Bug strongly discourages the use of this program, as it is known to wipe out whole Windows partitions without any sort of recovery!!!"
 In today society what matters is to say something bombastic, add exclamation marks, and like ...
It is not just that it is complete lie, but it is absurd, impossible. Program has no low level hard disk access, only floppy access is in low level because that's the only way to image complete floppy.
And all I can add now, some 14 years after that my program is published, that I never received any e-mail what talked about data loss. Actually at least 95% of e-mails was with 'thank you', 'it helped me a lot' and similar . There were some mails asking for help, to resolve some problem, and usually we solved it after couple mails.
All 'reports' about data damage were in forums, and from D-bug fanboys.  Clear case of lowest propaganda.   I told them already then that data loss could happen only if there was some HW problem with PC, hard disk. Or more likely - virus.  
Sad thing is that those who maintain Atari ST forums reacted nothing about those blatant lies in forums. No, they reacted on my posts, where I explained how it is absurd. Not to mention some self proclaimed scene 'legend' - ijor - what you achieved ? Nothing, shit on their site will smell on forever - at least for those with nose -  huahaha - accidental rhym :-)

Then, fanboy asked for speed test - he self could not perform it - was it because is so dumb that could not use my SW (hey, there are instructions too) or because self is not allowed to write something what proves that it is not D-bug SW what is ....  

So, here is speed comparison:

800 KB floppy, so 80 tracks, 2 sides, 10 sectors per track.

TRACC4_2 : 34.5 seconds

TDE_105 : 65 seconds. Then did test without music (to be same with my silent PRG) - same time.

Must say that even myself was surprised with so big difference. And I wrote that program first version in 1990. When ST, MSA formats did not even exist.

So used own format, what is similar to later MSA - header, packing option.

Later versions differ only in supported image formats, code for disk read/write is same, so speed is same.

My floppy utility SW page:

And that would be all from me about this case with D-bug, fanboy(s) . There were other issues, lies with them - mostly hard disk game adaptations (pardon patches) related. Maybe will write about it one day here ...

 Hard disk adapted game compilatons

I made some during time, and they were for free DL at fileshare hosts. Mostly MediaFire .  Was lot of downloads, especially of compilation made special for TOS 1.00, 1.02 owners (what works on later TOS versions too).  Not so many thanx, sorry to say it.

And I removed them recently. And, of course got messages, mails about where can DL it now.  Here is the answer:  patience people. I spent lot of time on making 1 GB compilation with some 1340 games - and that's possible only with iTOS and it's more economic disk space usage.  But plan to use same game files in compilation for Ataris with regular TOS versions - that will be 1.5 GB image - what should be no problem now - except for thos with original Atari ACSI-SCSI adapters (like what is in Mega STE, Stacy) . There is still lot of work to do, by me only possible - updating some older adaptations with new system.
Already did some famous games like Gunship, F-16 Combat Pilot. 

So much for now Atari ST, followers (in both meanings)

   PP,  started at June 11 2021.