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for running from hard disk, gamestate saving, TOS 2.06, Falcon, TT compatibility


 Where those games gone ? They are still here, only 1 step further. But I need to say something to people using results of my work, effort done in free time. If you want this to continue, to see new games, to see better tested adaptations, you need to contribute. I just can not do all it alone. So, shortly - if it will be not better with testing, this will stop. Would you like well tested adaptations ? Then do something about. I don't ask anything hard, really.
Note for those who want to put game adaptations from here on their sites, or doing some other way of distribution. Instead it, use link to this site. Ask for permission and explanations about how to use this - result of my hard work over many years. This is not so simple as with 8-bit computer games - like just run it's file. This games were on floppies, not on tapes. Much more ways for loading, running them. Then TOS versions ...


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