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and why humankind is in deep moral crisis in this Century

   This is inspired by actual events. And I will add some technical details if find that it will help in better understanding issue, problem.

  Forgotten future
 This phrase came to me yesterday, while I dealt with making order in my 1K3 compilation. So, how can forget what did not happen yet ? Simple - we forgot not actual events which may happen in future, we forgot about future generally - to make/keep this planet, our society as decent place, with good conditions for life, for all  humans (our offsprings) and other life forms.
And this is not new thing. I think that we can say that started about 150-170 years ago, with mass usage of engines using coal, fossil oil ...
Before it, basically so called renewable energy forms were used - wind, stream ... Or  just horses, elephants ...  Something like ruining this planet was not in minds - was no "power" for it.
Well, as we know it is not only about energy - there is lot of trash, poison produced in industry, traffic. Lot of books, movies dealt with this problems, I guess somewhere at 1950-60 (example: Soylent Green - and it happens in 2022 ! You have been warned !) .
What is the real problem, cause of this 'cutting of branch ..' ?  I think that finding answer is not hard . Same what caused this current Worldwide crisis, what caused crisis about 100 years ago, wars, misery of millions, segregation, etc. Human selfishness,  greed, egoism, short sighted, narrow minded way of thinking, living.
And it goes more and more complicated - now we have serious falsehood, hipocracy practically everywhere - especially in politics, medicament and chemical industry, food industry ...   Then, enormous amount of money goes to supposedly environment saving firms, government programs and like. While truth is that nobody really knows accurate benefit of some 'in' technology, and of course, all it is very hard to follow, control ...
At this moment it just goes worse, politicians talk about this decade will be decade of pandemies - excuse me, what, how, why ? Some gipsy women told you that ? Having time machine ? Wasn't said that vaccine will finish this covid epidemy ?  Obviously this is good for some, if not generated by some .
Yeah, it is so dark. depressing, pessimistic now. No wonder that ordinary people avoid thinking about future.
We need changes. This so called democracy, free market capitalism failed. Ah, now some will call me 'communist'. Well, that failed too, even if actually never existed (only party on power was called so) . There is more than left and right wing. Than conservative and liberal.  We need new way, otherwise it will be very very bad. We need to stop this going downward. Will be not easy, will take time and sacrifices. Those who took huge benefits, power, money from Earth, from other people will not give it back. No, they will rather destroy whole Planet, just to not do the right thing. That's the sad fact. Because it is exactly what doing in this very moment too.

2021. 06.11
 Bad things drag over decade
 Will start with recent thread at atariage forum . Titled  'making .st files ?' - as usual, bad formulation - OP meant reading content of floppy disk into .ST format floppy image file - what SW is good for that ? Was not even said on what computer he plans to do that 'imaging' .
And there came quick reply from fanboy, recommending fresh SW for Atari ST, by crew which all creations are 'best', 'fastest' ...   I actually made quick check of that SW speed couple weeks earlier, and saw that is slower than my 30 years old PRG .  But did not wrote about it anywhere, until that fanboy post.
And it reminded me about something really lowest what can read on any of Atari ST related WEB sites.
So, on site, which link I will not give here (who wants to check let use google) stays this:  
"Note: There is a program called FloImg that claims to be working perfectly and can read/write disks on the PC.
D-Bug strongly discourages the use of this program, as it is known to wipe out whole Windows partitions without any sort of recovery!!!"
 In today society what matters is to say something bombastic, add exclamation marks, and like ...
It is not just that it is complete lie, but it is absurd, impossible. Program has no low level hard disk access, only floppy access is in low level because that's the only way to image complete floppy.
And all I can add now, some 14 years after that my program is published, that I never received any e-mail what talked about data loss. Actually at least 95% of e-mails was with 'thank you', 'it helped me a lot' and similar . There were some mails asking for help, to resolve some problem, and usually we solved it after couple mails.
All 'reports' about data damage were in forums, and from D-bug fanboys.  Clear case of lowest propaganda.   I told them already then that data loss could happen only if there was some HW problem with PC, hard disk. Or more likely - virus.  
Sad thing is that those who maintain Atari ST forums reacted nothing about those blatant lies in forums. No, they reacted on my posts, where I explained how it is absurd. Not to mention some self proclaimed scene 'legend' - ijor - what you achieved ? Nothing, shit on their site will smell on forever - at least for those with nose -  huahaha - accidental rhym :-)

Then, fanboy asked for speed test - he self could not perform it - was it because is so dumb that could not use my SW (hey, there are instructions too) or because self is not allowed to write something what proves that it is not D-bug SW what is ....  

So, here is speed comparison:

800 KB floppy, so 80 tracks, 2 sides, 10 sectors per track.

TRACC4_2 : 34.5 seconds

TDE_105 : 65 seconds. Then did test without music (to be same with my silent PRG) - same time.

Must say that even myself was surprised with so big difference. And I wrote that program first version in 1990. When ST, MSA formats did not even exist.

So used own format, what is similar to later MSA - header, packing option.

Later versions differ only in supported image formats, code for disk read/write is same, so speed is same.

My floppy utility SW page:

And that would be all from me about this case with D-bug, fanboy(s) . There were other issues, lies with them - mostly hard disk game adaptations (pardon patches) related. Maybe will write about it one day here ...

 Hard disk adapted game compilatons

I made some during time, and they were for free DL at fileshare hosts. Mostly MediaFire .  Was lot of downloads, especially of compilation made special for TOS 1.00, 1.02 owners (what works on later TOS versions too).  Not so many thanx, sorry to say it.

And I removed them recently. And, of course got messages, mails about where can DL it now.  Here is the answer:  patience people. I spent lot of time on making 1 GB compilation with some 1340 games - and that's possible only with iTOS and it's more economic disk space usage.  But plan to use same game files in compilation for Ataris with regular TOS versions - that will be 1.5 GB image - what should be no problem now - except for thos with original Atari ACSI-SCSI adapters (like what is in Mega STE, Stacy) . There is still lot of work to do, by me only possible - updating some older adaptations with new system.
Already did some famous games like Gunship, F-16 Combat Pilot. 

So much for now Atari ST, followers (in both meanings)

   PP,  started at June 11 2021.